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Blue Ridge Fish Wholesale - Small Animals, Reptiles, Freshwater, Saltwater and Corals.

Blue Ridge Fish Wholesale
Phone: 336-996-3200
Toll Free: 800-346-5218
Fax: 336-996-8861

We are carrying a variety of reptiles

(Anoles, Frogs, Lizards,

Tarantulas, Scorpions Etc.)

We are now taking Pre-Orders

for Green Iguanas 18"

Please call the office for pricing.

We send out our Specials and Availability list on Sunday

(and on your order day) via email,

if you do not currently receive it

please contact our office to be put on our mailing list

Your full line, independent Livestock supplier


Aquatic Plants Drop-Shipped to your door!

Call our sales office to place an order today!

Or order online :Drop-Ship Plant section is located on

the bottom left side of this webpage.

The last 5 tabs labeled Drop-Ship are what you can order from.



We Do Not Sell to Mass Merchandisers

We sell to retailers only and do not sell to the public.


We have been proudly serving the independent Pet Industry since 1993.

Blue Ridge Fish Wholesale offers a wide variety of supplies for the pet store or nursery, including tropical fish, saltwater fish, reptiles, animals, aquarium plants, pond plants, and some dry goods. We also have fancy goldfish, domestic goldfish, koi & butterfly koi.

Our domestic goldfish, koi & butterfly koi are what Blue Ridge Fish Hatchery raises. We now have a single "A" price list, The order is UPS'd to you. Freight charges and box charges apply to these orders. We also have a dropshipment program for pond plants. Our entire dropship catalog is now online for your convenience!

Thank you for using our website to order, but please feel free to contact us about any questions you may have.

Hours: Monday-Wednesday 8:00-4:30, Thursday 8:00-1:00 and we are closed on Friday

We do check our messages on Fridays and someone will return your call.









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Electric Blue LobsterDiet consist of flake food. Basically community, but will eat small fish.

Electric Blue Lobste...